Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So you wanna be an editorial photographer?

I only wish there had been so much information available for free or little cost via the internet when I started my career...
If you are serious about the business of editorial photography you MUST join EP. EP is short for Editorial Photographers.
This is the best trade organization for keeping track of editorial trends, business practices, fees, contract abuses, and the state of the industry. Here is the link...Editorial Photographers Take a look, kick the tires, and then join. You will learn a lot via articles and an active membership forum.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

G20 is coming to Pittsburgh!

Feeling excited tonight about today's White House announcement that the next G20 Summit will be held in my homebase city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This should be a great opportunity for many Pittsburgh photographers to land assignments in a rough economic year and should be a shot in the arm for many editorial and event shooters.

I look forward to executive environmental portraits and events shot on location here in Pittsburgh and welcome all assignment requests, large or small for this historic event!
The event will be held September 23-24th. at various locations throughout the city.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Editorial Photographer Blog!

The purpose for this blog is to help Pittsburgh editorial photographers (or any editorial photographer) help navigate through the murky waters of magazine photography.  This is being written by Pittsburgh photographer, Mark Bolster who for 30 years has photographed for editorial clients and magazines around the country in addition to his corporate, industrial and advertising photography.

In the future I will be posting primarily hot links to topical stories about the editorial business
and reading them will help photographers and photo students get a better understanding of
shooting for magazines and how photo editors think.  There will also be an extensive list of weblinks that contain important and up- to- date information on professional magazine photography.

I have my opinions, and though I might not ALWAYS be right, you can be sure that my thoughts are genuine and are based on my experience and that of my fellow photographers whom I'm glad to call friends...